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Organize Your Bags: Find the Perfect Teacher Tote

Organize Your Bags: Find the Perfect Teacher Tote

Organize Your Tote Bags

Teachers, organize your tote bags. Educators are famous for carrying a lot of stuff. If you’re a teacher, principal or administrator, you can relate. There are graded papers, teacher editions, data reports, pens, paper clips and more. What does your bag look like inside? Are the contents in the bag just thrown in with no organization? Can you find what you’re looking for when needed? A messy bag is an additional and unwanted stress. Teachers and principals, organize your bags. Furthermore, it’s time to find the perfect tote to meet your needs. Continue reading

Create a stress reduction plan.

Create Your Stress Management Plan and Find Balance


Good and Bad Stress

In our last post, we talked about creating a stress management plan for your sanity. Stress is a health wrecker. It causes physical and mental harm. So, as your new school year begins, we want you to develop a plan to reduce and relieve stress.

We have created simple worksheets to help you create a personal stress management plan. The worksheets allow you to identify your good stress and bad stress. Then you must identify the physical and mental symptoms caused by the stressors. So, this creates an opportunity for you to think about which stressors you the most concern.  Continue reading