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Create a quiet space in your classroom

Create A Quiet Space In Your Classroom

A Quiet Space to Learn

Students come to school seeking a safe and quiet space to learn. Teachers want classrooms that are visually engaging and student-centered.  They also want a class that is welcoming, colorful and comfortable. Both teachers and students like rooms that represent the academic and social-emotional side of education.

Every classroom needs a quiet space to accommodate the many needs of the children. It is a place in the room where students can take a moment to regroup or a place for calm. A quiet space can also be a place to read a book, listen to music or work in pairs. Teachers, you can create a space in your classroom. If you are a principal or administrator, encourage and support staff members who want to create a quiet area in their room.  Continue reading

Five Ways to Improve School Climate

Five Ways to Improve School Climate

School Climate

Every teacher and administrator wants a school climate that is calm. We want a conducive learning environment where students can learn without significant behavior issues or disruptions. Kids will do kid things! That’s human nature; however, what happens when kids’ behaviors are unusual, violent, or unacceptable?

Daily our students arrive with an array of emotions. Some students have extremely difficult home lives. Others may experience emotional or physical trauma. Then, they come to school with bottled up stress, anger, or fear. Often, all of these emotions spill out in the classroom. These outbursts can lead to increased disruptions, or decrease instructional minutes. Continue reading