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Hi! I am Cassandra Washington. Welcome to www.teachandtaketime4u.com (TTT4U). I have created a comfortable, healthy space for educators to find praise and support. It is also a place to network, collaborate and learn about the latest trends in education. I want this website to promote wellness among educators, and spread some good news about the profession.

Teaching is a noble profession! Consequently, people go into this career to help and take care of others. However, it is a very demanding career. Educators are burning out fast and leaving the profession. They spend so much time taking care of others, that often educators neglect their own well-being. Many feel overwhelmed and not supported by their bosses, the public or politicians.  So, here at TTT4U, I want to promote master teachers, principals, and administrators and show how important it is to educate the next generations. Therefore, at this website, all educators can get a variety of information to support them professionally, personally, emotionally and socially.

So, visit TTT4U for support among peers. Learn strategies to reduce stress, stay healthy and updates on the latest trends in education. Send us ideas, suggestions, and topics you’d like to hear more about. Also, share some of your strategies and tips that shape you as an educator.

About Me

Again, welcome to TTT4U! I am Cassandra Washington, an educator with over 26 years of experience. I have served as a classroom teacher, assistant principal, and principal within Chicago Public Schools. Experiencing the demands and challenges of the profession is overwhelming. However, I know the joys and excitement of teaching and preparing students for the next journey in their lives. It is important to me to give educators the praise and support you deserve. Therefore, my goal is to teach and inform teachers, principals, and administrators the importance reducing stress and burnout. Educators must have a balance between the school and home. To help fulfill the goal, I wrote and published a book titled, Teach and Take Time for You: Strategies and Tips to Reduce Stress and Burnout. Now, I continue to spread the message about teacher wellness.

Along with teaching, I have experience in these industries: advertising, publishing, and travel. To reduce stress and burnout, my hobbies include writing, ballet, traveling, motorcycle riding and photography.

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