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Keep documentation safe and ready for use

Keep Professional Documentation Safe and Ready for Use

Documentation is important!

Educators, are mostly optimistic and believe that all is good. You work each day, do what’s best for your students, and more. You’re a great employee with fantastic evaluations. You have no worries until trouble finds you. Suddenly, you have a supervisor or boss who is gunning for you! When this happens, you need to document everything. If the time comes, be prepared to fight for your career. When trouble comes, have your documentation ready!

You may think to yourself that this post is negative. Think of it as a life and professional lesson. Unfortunately, the climate today is about improving test scores, politics, school closings, and the lack of funding or resources. Many principals and teachers are feeling the pressure to “get it done” despite inequities, complications, and things not in their control. At some point, all educators are evaluated based the items above. What happens when you don’t meet the data points? When your school’s rating and scores aren’t increasing fast enough, who is held accountable? Continue reading

Two Easy Ways to Help Organize Your Desk

Two Easy Ways to Help Organize Your Desk

Organize Your Desk

Piles of papers, charts, pens, and pencils are often seen on an educator’s desk. There are student papers to grade, reports to finish, and class schedules scattered about.  Can you relate to a messy desk? Either you are constantly trying to find things or constantly trying to clean the desk. A messy desk equals stress. Therefore, let’s relieve some stress. Here are two easy ways to help organize your desk. Continue reading

The Benefits of Teacher-Led Professional Development

The Benefits of Teacher-Led Professional Development

Professional development (PD) is an opportunity to increase our knowledge and skills as educators. Yet, we sit in PD sessions where we wonder when will it end. Or we attend mandated PD where topics have nothing to do with our school’s goals or school improvement plan. Sometimes, we wonder if anyone asked a teacher for input on PD topics. We complete surveys at the end of PD sessions and are asked for topic ideas and input. However, is anyone listening to our needs as professionals? We as educators need to take control of our own learning and understand the benefits of teacher led professional development.

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