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Use Community Resources

Use Community Resources to Improve Teaching and Learning

Look for Community Resources

Teachers, administrators, and community agencies are always looking for ways to create and foster partnerships. School budgets are getting smaller and smaller. Therefore searching for additional resources is the norm these days. Schools need more money and services to improve the lives of their students. Here are a few ideas of where to search for additional community resources.

Your first resource is parents and community members. Parental engagement is vital to a successful school. Sometimes it is difficult to get parents to participate due to work schedules, childcare, and other obligations. However, for those parents who can participate welcome them with open arms. Also, reach out to community members to volunteer or donate resources to your school. The school is a big part of the community it is located, so developing relationships with your neighbors can reap excellent rewards. Continue reading

Educators are a Great Consumer Market

Educators are a Great Consumer Market

That’s a lot of Teachers

Did you know that educators are a significant consumer market?  Often, marketers do not recognize the buying potential of this important group. Over 3 million full-time teachers work in public schools in the United States. Close to a half million teachers work in private schools in the United States. That’s a lot of teachers! Wake up marketers and recognize educators as a viable consumer market!

What would we do without teachers? According to the National Center for Education Statistics in the United States,  educators teach over 50 million elementary and high school students. Over 400,000 private school teachers educate approximately 5.2 million students in elementary and high school.

These statistics are for 2017.  Along with this data, there are over 13,000 public school districts with 98,000 public schools including 6,700 charter schools. Continue reading

Create a quiet space in your classroom

Create A Quiet Space In Your Classroom

A Quiet Space to Learn

Students come to school seeking a safe and quiet space to learn. Teachers want classrooms that are visually engaging and student-centered.  They also want a class that is welcoming, colorful and comfortable. Both teachers and students like rooms that represent the academic and social-emotional side of education.

Every classroom needs a quiet space to accommodate the many needs of the children. It is a place in the room where students can take a moment to regroup or a place for calm. A quiet space can also be a place to read a book, listen to music or work in pairs. Teachers, you can create a space in your classroom. If you are a principal or administrator, encourage and support staff members who want to create a quiet area in their room.  Continue reading